Tackle the Return of Football Season

More than 16 million fans attend a regular NFL season game in the United States. Due to the pandemic, the attendance during the 2020 NFL season dropped to a whopping 2.37 million. Stadium capacity regulations, state and federal mandates, and elevated levels of cautiousness from fans all contributed to this drop in ticket sales.


With the return of footballs season in 2021, the demand for cleaner, safer stadiums is higher than ever. The cost associated with cleaning a stadium is not small, but the loss in revenue from a low volume of ticket sales impacted the industry even more. Ben Fischer from the Sports Business Journal said the league saw its revenue fall from $16 billion in 2019 to $12 billion in 2020.


According to the CMM (Cleaning & Maintenance Management) in Atlanta, Georgia, they spend about $16,000 per game, excluding paper supplies, and in the off season, cleaning costs about $18,000 per month. ­All 30 of the NFL stadiums have a seating capacity of at least 60,000 spectators, while a handful can hold up to 80,000. Regardless of when football is in season, stadiums must be maintained year-round.


Not only is this maintenance expensive, but it is also time consuming. 60,000 seats need to be individually cleaned each month. And, with each game there comes even more time-consuming maintenance. This cleaning cannot be skipped. With such large numbers gathering in one place, the chance for viruses and pathogens to spread is high. Fans know this, and many are wary of returning to the once crowded venues. The demand for cleanliness is higher than ever.


Paerosol can deep clean large indoor areas with a non-toxic, chemical free, EPA approved disinfectant, Paerolyte. With one active ingredient, HCOL, Paerolyte eliminates up to 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and mold on hard and soft surfaces. HCOL, or Hypochlorous Acid, is found naturally in the human body. It occurs inside of white blood cells and helps to safely destroy bacteria and viruses, making it perfectly safe to use in any environment to clean both surfaces and the air.


In order to save time on cleaning, an NFL stadium needs a fast and efficient cleaning solution. Paerosol uses a platform called the MAG to distribute Paerolyte. Combined with the booster compressor, the MAG Ultra 4 can quickly and efficiently clean large spaces using Paerosol’s Dry Spray Technology™. This dry spray can be dispersed onto any surface and will not cause any corrosion or damage. It will even penetrate fabrics and soft surfaces to eliminate any bacteria or viruses inside.


To purchase or learn more about Paerolyte and Paerosol’s disinfecting platform, the MAG, visit Paerosolproducts.com.


(Federal & independent test results available upon request).