Stopping the Spread of the Most Transmissible COVID-19 Variant

Omicron Virus Test Tube

At the beginning of January, the United States reached over 1 million new Covid-19 cases in a single day. With a viral factor of 15, scientists are calling Omicron the second most contagious virus on the planet. The most contagious virus on currently on record is measles, which has a factor of 18.


When it comes to viruses, the term “factor” refers to the average number of people that someone with the virus will infect. When Covid-19 first appeared, it’s factor was estimated at a maximum of 3.5. The jump from 3.5 people infected per Covid-positive person to 15 people infected per Covid-positive person is a scary one. With that level of transmissibility, it is more than likely that every person in the United States will be exposed to the Omicron variant of this virus.


Practicing standard hand cleaning and surface cleaning is a good place to start. The virus has been shown to survive on many surfaces for up to three days. However, the risk of exposure to any variant of Covid-19 is far higher in the air than on any surface you might touch. The smallest aerosol particles of Covid-19 can remain suspended in the air for hours.


The need for safe and effective disinfecting has never been more certain. Every time someone leaves their home, they take the risk of being exposed to viruses. With the mutation of the Covid-19 virus, that risk is higher than ever before. So how can anyone be certain that their homes and businesses are clean enough? Many of the safer chemical cleaners aren’t strong enough to kill the novel coronavirus. The cleaners that are strong enough contain harsh chemicals, like bleach, that are harmful to the human body.


Paerosol has the ability to eliminate all viruses, mold, and bacteria at up to a 99.9999% rate of effectiveness without the use of harmful chemicals. Not only can Paersol clean the air in any enclosed space, but it can also clean both hard and soft surfaces. The United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency has successfully tested Paerosol against bio-agents like Anthrax and Ebola, and even viruses like swine and bird flu.


The active ingredient of Paerosol is EPA approved and has shown absolutely no side-effects in humans. Paerosol’s liquid disinfectant, Paerolyte, uses an ingredient called HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) to eliminate viruses, mold, and bacteria from the air and surfaces in an indoor space. HOCL is a naturally occurring molecule that is actually used by the human immune system to fight of infection and disease.


Thanks to Paerosol’s breakthrough technology our liquid HOCL disinfectant, Paerolyte, can now be converted into a dry spray that causes no corrosion, residue, or even moisture on any surface it touches. Equipped with our compressor system, the MAG, anyone can now safely and confidently clean any enclosed space. Even the Omicron variant doesn’t stand a chance against Paerosol. Keep yourself and others safe in 2022 with the Paerosol suite of products.


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(Federal & independent test results available upon request).