Improved Cleaning Protocols Needed with New COVID Wave

When COVID cases surge, “borders tend to close, local lockdowns go into effect, and travel sees a significant and almost immediate drop”, says a senior research analyst at CNBC. Experts agree that a major COVID wave this fall and winter is possible given weakening immunity from vaccines and infections, less restrictions, and the rise of variants better able to escape protections, according to the Washington Post.

The need for sustainable and improved cleaning protocols in schools, offices, public transportation, and airplanes is greater than ever. Paerosol was designed to stop the spread of viruses and illness by cleaning the air and surfaces of any enclosed space. Through our use of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) , our products kill bacteria and viruses without residue, moisture, corrosion, or negative side effects.

In a recent blog post, we discussed how many safe chemical cleaners aren’t strong enough to kill the coronavirus while stronger cleaners that are effective contain harsh chemicals, like bleach, and are harmful to the human body. With a 99.9999% effectiveness rate and zero use of harmful chemicals, Paerosol products are perfect for safely preventing the spread of COVID in high-risk areas such as schools, offices, public transportation systems, and airplanes. The solution used in Paerosol products consists primarily of HOCL, a safe, naturally occurring molecule which is shown to be highly effective against the virus. The Cleveland Clinic even reports that HOCL is gentle enough to be used as a skincare product.

With the rise of the pandemic, HOCL has grown in popularity as it has become known for its strong disinfecting power against COVID. HOCL has been called the superhero in the fight against COVID. This molecule is naturally produced by the human body and is an essential part of our immune system. As white blood cells move to the infected area, they create HOCL to instantly destroy the pathogen and any remaining byproduct. It essentially serves as a defense system against infection and bacteria.

Paerosol offers a wide range of HOCL products from disinfecting sprays, liquid, compressors for large spaces, and soon to be released, a smaller, more manageable product made to sit on desks. We make it easy to find the right product to disinfect your space no matter how big or small it may be. Confined areas with large amounts of people in proximity are more susceptible to spreading illnesses, which makes using Paerosol’s products in these spaces essential. U.S. News states that even though this new variant may not result in a more severe disease, it is more transmissible than the previous strain.

When looking at how COVID is affecting businesses today, “each sector, industry, and function will have to reinvent itself to achieve maximum growth and sustainability”, says Many industries are still searching for the most efficient and sustainable way to disinfect their spaces to prepare for the next surge of cases. Thankfully, Paerosol serves a wide range of industries such as commercial, government, and residential with products designed to disinfect various types of spaces.

Incorporating a highly effective and safe disinfectant into high COVID risk areas will give people in these industries peace of mind. It will also present an opportunity for companies to focus on growth and sustainability in a world so greatly impacted by COVID that it will have cost the global economy $12.5 trillion by 2024, says

Paerosol works across industries to effectively treat pathogens even more virulent and complex than COVID-19. Paerosol can improve airplane cleanliness, create clean schools to protect kids against viruses and bacteria, clean an office, and even disinfect public transportation. Prevent the spread of COVID and stay prepared for the future with Paerosol.

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