How You Can Avoid Getting Sick During the Holidays

With all but the strictest COVID-19 restrictions lifting all over the world, more and more people are opting to travel for the holidays. However, as flu season swings into gear, with increased numbers of travelers there comes also an increased risk of illness. Sicknesses common at this time of year can range from the common cold to the flu, as well as COVID-19, though the numbers for the latter are drastically lower than they were at this time last year

Just because you can get sick during holiday travel does not mean that you have to. Here are a few tips from experts all over the world about how you can ensure that your holiday season is safe, happy, and illness-free.

Wash Your Hands

It became the number-one repeated piece of advice during the COVID pandemic, and with good reason. Since your hands come into contact with more surfaces than anywhere else on your body, they are the most common vector for pathogens to enter your body. When washing your hands, be sure to lather and scrub both the backs and the fronts of your hands for at least 20 seconds, being sure to scrub with your fingernails.


According to this article from Patient, consistent exercise is key to bolstering your immune system to avoid getting sick during the holidays. This is especially true when transitioning from a time of work to a time of rest, as occurs as the year winds to a close. Apart from the obvious physical benefits, this may also have psychological benefits that help your brain manage this transition and “unwind.” Regular exercise helps you maintain your consistent sleep patterns, a vital component for those who want to stay healthy during the holidays.

Maintain Your Sleep Patterns

While it can be tempting to disrupt your sleep schedule during a break, studies have shown that disease and illness thrive among people without a consistent sleep pattern. Irregular sleep patterns closely correlate to increased anxiety and depression, which also put you at risk for other physical ailments. To avoid disrupting your sleep patterns, make an effort to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Increase the quality of your sleep by cutting back on alcohol before bed and refraining from looking at your phone or computer, as these also can severely disrupt your sleep cycle.

Watch Your Diet

The holidays, especially in the United States, are notorious for being some of the most unhealthy times of the year, with sweets and alcoholic drinks getting top billing at many celebrations. Sugar and alcohol, especially in combination with one another, can dramatically compromise your immune system and put you at higher risk of getting sick. While there’s probably no need for you to completely forego your favorite tasty treats, being aware of the risks involved can help you stay healthier throughout the holidays. 

Sanitize Surfaces

A big part of the reason people are more likely to get sick during the holidays has to do with the weather in most of the northern hemisphere; because it is cold outside, most people will prefer to stay indoors. When combined with large numbers of people coming together from all across the country, this can create the potential for germs and viruses to spread with dramatically increased virulence. To mitigate the spread of these pathogens, it is recommended that frequently-touched surfaces be sanitized with wipes or other sanitizing solution. Paerosol is a patented disinfecting solution that uses a non-toxic dry aerosol to permeate and disinfect the air and all surfaces inside a room, eliminating over 99.99% of bacteria and viruses by naturally mimicking the human immune system. It’s safe for humans and pets, non-intrusive, and leaves behind no residue or moisture. 

If You Do Get Sick

It is possible that, despite all precautions and planning, you may get sick anyway during the holidays. If this occurs, there are a few different things to keep in mind

The first is to make sure the people around you are aware; this is common courtesy, and will permit them to make informed decisions regarding their own health. 

Second, if your symptoms are severe enough to warrant it, isolate yourself to prevent getting anyone else sick. 

Third, get plenty of rest and stay hydrated–dehydration can make an otherwise mild illness drag on for far longer than it otherwise would. 

Finally, monitor your symptoms, and seek medical attention if they are severe enough.


As we enter the holiday season, it is important to be mindful of the situations and circumstances that can lead to pathogens multiplying and spreading out of control. Paerosol offers a complete air and surface disinfecting solution for commercial, government, and residential applications. Contact us today by visiting our website to learn more about our cutting-edge technology!