How to Keep Hotel and Resort Guests Safe from Viruses

Pathogens in Hotels, Motels, and Resorts

Hotels, motels, and resorts are hotspots for pathogens to thrive in when not disinfected properly. The most common viruses that guests contract from hotel rooms are diarrhea, vomiting, COVID, and respiratory viruses, such as colds and pneumonia.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put cleanliness at the top of many potential guest’s requirements when looking at booking options for a hotel, resort, or motel. A study conducted in 2020 showed that 85% of consumers want to see visible proof of cleaning in the place they are staying.

A year later in a 2021 study, 95% of customers stated they wanted to see cleaning practices either stay the same or increase even after the COVID vaccine. Guests are demanding the places they stay upkeep a robust cleaning plan that ensures that guest safety and peace of mind are accounted for.

Where the Most Germs Reside

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic there is a heightened concern for surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected upon guests’ arrival to their rooms. This has resulted in some hotels taking extra steps to clean and disinfect high touch items to ensure guests are safe. Hotel Supply recommends having a solid, clearly communicated hygiene plan in place to strengthen your position towards the hotel guest.

When guests stay in a hotel, resort, or motel, they deposit bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the furniture, carpets, curtains, and surfaces of the room. The Norovirus and COVID can both live in an infectious form for days on hard surfaces with the typical time interval between room changeovers being less than 12 hours.

Research shows that the highest concentrations of germs are found in spots that guests gravitate to touch as soon as they arrive, such as TV remotes and light switches. A study found that Bacillus Subtillis, which can be associated with various infections such as respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, was found on the remote controls of even three-star hotels.

Pillows, down comforters, curtains, and carpets hold allergens such as animal dander, dust mites, and cigarette smoke that have the potential to trigger a reaction in travelers with allergies and asthma. Along with allergens, these places hold pathogens as well. A study found that after a guest with COVID-19 stayed in a hotel room there was a high viral contamination of many surfaces, with pillow cases and quilt covers being some of the most contaminated.

Pillows in hotels are often full of dead skin cells, insects, dust mites and even feces. The placement of these organic materials are normally close to guests’ mouth, nose, and eyes. Disinfecting pillows and duvets in a hotel after a guest checks out of a room helps to prevent the transmission of pathogenic micro-organisms.

Bathroom door handles, elevator buttons, and communal door handles are high touch points and should be disinfected often to reduce the spread of pathogens. A study on four-star hotels found that the bathroom counter is the most bacteria-laden surface among all areas. Sinks are another hot spot for germs and the moist environment of the bathroom makes a perfect environment for microbes to flourish.

The Importance of Safe Disinfecting

The use of harsh chemicals can lead to significant health risks for guests. Using safer products when disinfecting will help to guard against pathogens while also keeping the indoor air quality safe and the health and safety of guests a priority. Using heavily scented cleaning products and air-fresheners in rooms can also trigger allergy and asthma symptoms for guests that are sensitive to certain ingredients.

Common disinfectant ingredients, like quaternary ammonium compounds, are linked to asthma and reproductive toxicity. Exposure poses an especially grave risk for the 1 in 13 Americans with asthma who are at risk for more complications when getting COVID.

Conventional cleaners also often contain endocrine disruptors and carcinogens, which have been linked to numerous diseases. Even low levels of these pollutants can trigger respiratory symptoms, therefore making safe disinfecting choices is essential for the comfort and safety of guests and employees.

 Keep Guests Safe with Paerosol

Paerosol is a patented disinfecting platform made to quickly permeate an entire room by diffusion, killing bacteria, viruses, and mold spores instantly upon contact. The solution consists primarily of Hypochlorous Acid which poses no harmful side effects to humans and is non-irritating and non-stinging. Paerosol is working with hotels, motels, and resorts to incorporate our solutions into these environments to help establishments keep their guests and staff safe.

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