Florida Private School Reports 0 Cases of COVID-19 Since Adopting Paerosol’s Dry Spray Technology™

Paerosol Disinfect School 0 COVID Cases Reported

Over 130,000 schools across the country prepare for the cold and flu season each year.  Health and safety concerns are heightened as 55 million and 7 million staff members are simultaneously battling both flu season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With the viruses sharing common symptoms, schools are challenged to find a solution to minimize the risk of illness so that schools can resume in-person schooling.

With schools choosing a hybrid teaching model or in-person learning, many are concerned returning to the classroom will serve as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. To combat this, many schools have implemented stronger cleaning and disinfecting methods for the learning facility. While multi-purpose cleaners and disinfectant wipes may be a short-term solution, they are labor-intensive, less effective, and areas are often missed. To ensure the strongest protection against the flu and COVID-19 this year, learning facilities must adopt a reliable disinfection process for the safety of the staff and students.

Innovative disinfecting technologies such as Paerosol’s Dry Spray Technology™ deliver a disinfectant that is proven to eradicate air- and surface-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses at a rate of up to 99.9999% efficacy. Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Paerosol’s platform diffuses an all-natural water-based disinfectant to eliminate all harmful pathogens in the air and throughout all surfaces within the facility including classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, and locker rooms.

To tackle the shortcomings of dated cleaning methods, Corbett Preparatory School located in Tampa, Florida implemented Paerosol as a more effective solution to mitigating bacteria, mold, and illnesses such as the flu and COVID-19 virus. Since the adoption of the Dry Spray Technology across Corbett Prep’s 17 buildings in June of 2020, the school has not reported a single case of the flu or COVID-19 virus due to an enhanced and effective disinfecting process!

Partnering with Paerosol as your long-term solution for mitigating illness in schools will help develop better preventative cleaning methods to keep students, faculty, and staff safe from future viruses.

To learn more about adopting Paerosol in your school to minimize the spread of bacteria and illnesses such as COVID-19, contact us today at info@paerosol.com or call 1-843-535-0500.