Perspective and Insights: Working for the C-Level at Paerosol

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Entering the workforce in 2020 has proved to be most challenging for many new college graduates, all fighting for those limited open positions. Fortunately, I secured a position as a business analyst for Paerosol, a leading technology that effectively kills surface and air-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses at up to 99.9999% efficacy.  Excited about my first job post college, I had little expectation on what to expect, especially with the impacts of COVID affecting work environments and morale.  I could have never predicted the invaluable lessons I would learn at the start of my career and know that these lessons will serve me as I progress in my career.

My main responsibilities include working directly for the founders of Paerosol, Steve Gareleck and Scott Alderson.  Both Steve and Scott are known just as much for their success as business leaders but also for their integrity. A bio on a website cannot always accurately depict the personality of a leader, first-hand experience does.

Here are just a few of the lessons and insights I’ve gained:

Keep Moving Forward: 

Success in business is never guaranteed. It takes hard work, perseverance, and the ability to overcome the challenges, whether apparent or unknown.  When faced with those challenges, Steve has commented “it’s never as good or as bad as it first appears.” Watching Steve and Scott navigate obstacles and unexpected challenges is like watching 2 trained athletes competing, not for the prize at the end of the race, but the accomplishment of completing the race. 

Build Strong Relationships:

Steve and Scott, both co-owners of Paerosol, have also been great friends since college. They’ve learned from each other and eventually formed a business partnership, built on trust and integrity. As we all know, it can be difficult to go into business with a friend. I initially thought this would negatively impact their friendship. I quickly realized that if anything, it was beneficial. They both know how to talk to each other in a way that keeps them motivated and focused on the finish line. I remember one day, Scott felt frustration associated with the obstacles. Steve said, “Come on, stay positive. We are going to make this work. We just have to keep pushing. Don’t let this keep you down.” As an employee, hearing your boss talk like this is inspiring. I admire the respect they have for each other and their ability to communicate honestly.

Be Present for the Important People in Your Life:

There are days where Steve is on the phone for 12 hours, straight.  We work in the same room, often not speaking 2 words during those marathon conference calls. I did notice that even if he is on a serious call, if one of his friends or family would call, he put the meeting on hold to answer it. If he missed them, he would get back to them as soon as he could. Personally, I sometimes feel like I am too busy to reply or reach out to my friends. Watching Steve pause even if just for a minute to speak with his family or friends, I can take a few minutes to respond or reach out to a friend that I haven’t talked to in a while.

Develop Healthy Habits:

Developing healthy habits is critical to maintaining balance and focus.  Being a tennis player myself, we ended up playing on our lunch break just about every day. This not only helped him, but it helped me as well.  

Be Passionate:

Scott and Steve are both passionate about what they do every day.  They both start each day with the same vigor and focus as the first day they started Paerosol. They are passionate about the technology and more importantly the impact it will have on our communities and environments across the globe.  Steve has commented that “very rarely do you find a technology that positively changes environments and impacts individuals in their everyday life.” 

This experience has shaped my perspective and these lessons are shaping how I approach every day whether in the office or in my personal life.  I appreciate the opportunity to be a valued member of the team at Paerosol.

About Paerosol

Paerosol is a venture-backed operating company with exclusive worldwide rights to sell and distribute a highly effective nanotechnology disinfecting platform that kills air- and surface-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses up to 99.99% rate of effectiveness.

Written in the perspective of Paerosol’s Project Analyst, Max Rebol.