Industries We Serve

Paerosol will protect your employees, partners, owners, and management from viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and fungi, keeping colds, flu’s and other illnesses down, which will keep productivity up!  Paerosol works across the industry to effectively treat pathogens more virulent and complex than COVID-19, and in fact, viruses have no defense against Paerosol.

Hospitals & Medical Clinics

Paerosol has worked directly with Madigan Army Hospital to test and measure the efficacy of our solutions.


Paerosol has completed over 20 mold and remediation jobs including the North Charleston Coliseum.

Agriculture & Livestock

Food borne illnesses can stem from mold, pathogens, and viruses at the source of food production. We have worked with Tyson Foods, Smithfield Farms, Auburn University, and Mississippi State, as well as the USDA.

Schools/ Universities

Paerosol aligns with academic institutions to eradicate mold, viruses, and pathogens that can affect populations of students. We have aligned with the USC School of Public Health to introduce our solution to the campus.

Hotels/ Motels/ Resorts/ Airlines

Paerosol is working with hotels and airlines to incorporate our solutions into environments, ultimately reducing airborne and surface-based pathogens, viruses, and mold.

Health & Fitness

Paerosol has tested our solutions at government campuses including the Locker Rooms and training facilities at the Citadel.