Hotel and Airline Industries Prepare for Post-Pandemic Travel

Hotel and Airline Industries Prepare for Post-Pandemic Travel

With the vaccinations against COVID-19 becoming more widely available, restrictions are slowly being lifted and Americans are starting to travel again after a year of pandemic-induced lockdowns. Earlier this month, the CDC has released new travel guidelines that say fully vaccinated travelers (with an FDA-authorized vaccine, which includes Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines in the U.S.) no longer need to get tested before leaving the U.S. nor do they need to self-quarantine upon arriving unless state or local guidelines say otherwise.

Although the pandemic is settling down and places are opening, cleanliness is of the highest concern for customers as they return to airports and hotels. In a recent article by Tripadvisor, “Nearly two-thirds (64%) of US travelers stated that businesses having measures in place, such as enhanced cleaning, is now more important to them when making travel decisions, compared to the trips they took before the pandemic.” Enhanced procedures must be adopted to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and exposure to harmful bacteria to customers and staff. 

As customers return, the airline, tourism, and hospitality industries must prepare for the post-pandemic travel surge and help rebuild traveler confidence in the disinfection of these businesses. While these industries have made serval adjustments in response to the pandemic, business owners are searching for a long-term cleaning solution that will help customers feel safe to travel and have confidence in a healthy environment. Being armed with the right technology and solution while also being time and cost-efficient, is mandatory in order for these industries to recover.  

Committed to the pursuit of a cleaner and healthier world, Paerosol delivers superior coverage to the travel industry in an efficient, cost-effect way. Protect your customers and staff with a revolutionary technology that eradicates pathogens at up to a 99.9999% rate of effectiveness. Paerosol is not only powerful, effective, and non-toxic, it is also time-efficient and will fully disinfect facilities faster than any other process, providing a resolution to preventing cross-infection in high-risk areas such as hotel rooms, lobbies, airports, and airplanes. 

Unlike other technologies, Paerosol acts as a gas when diffused and engulfs the entire room killing any pathogens in the process both in the air and on surfaces. It even disinfects carpets, mattresses, seats, and other materials without harming the fabric. Paerosol will also destroy odors such as cigarette smoke, mold, and mildew. Wherever a virus or bacteria is hiding, the HOCL solution will find it and eliminate it. As we are entering into post-pandemic travel, the Dry Spray Technology™ is a revolutionary cleaning solution that provides the high impact results, low maintenance, and low cost the travel industries need to significantly keep illness down and keep productivity up. 

After more than a year of canceled plans, postponed vacations, and a multitude of virtual events, Paerosol is here to help businesses welcome customers again, safely. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to enhance your cleaning procedure and provide better protection for your customers and staff, contact us at or

(Federal & independent test results available upon request).

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