Concerts are Coming Back

Concerts are Coming Back

A year without concerts has left fans hungrier than ever to get that rush of adrenaline only a packed concert venue can provide. Large gatherings were one of the first things to go when the pandemic began. Music artists everywhere started sending out apologetic posts to fans as shows got canceled. According to a recent article by Forbes, “more than 83 million attendees have been forced to change their plans”. 

Music fans were not the only ones hit with disappointment when shows were canceled. Information provided by Pollstar listed that the global concert industry lost more than $30 billion in the year 2020. Once vaccinations became readily available, venues all over the U.S began adding dates to the summer concert rosters. Live Nation President, Bob Roux, says “With vaccines being available to everyone in May, we’re confident events can return to regular capacity soon after.”

Along with travel and places opening back up, included on that list is concert venues. The number one priority before venues open back up is the disinfection process before and after the shows. Each state has different guidelines, but for the most part, concerts and large events are back for the summer! However, the task of cleaning for either a location as large as a stadium or as small as an intimate concert hall is not an effortless process that is easy for a small team can take on. No matter the size, crowds of guests bring in unwanted contaminants that only an experienced team can adequately tackle.

Delivering technology solutions that safely eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mold is Paerosol’s primary goal. They are committed to offering solutions that will treat air, surface, and water. Disinfecting large public spaces such as concert venues is not an easy task that can be time-consuming and complicated. Paerosol takes away the complications of large venue disinfection. The Dry Spray Technologyâ„¢ deploys a dry spray that quickly and effectively disinfects all highly touched surfaces and air- surface-borne bacteria. This non-toxic solution even penetrates through fabrics and thoroughly disinfects without harm to it or its user.

As venues start to fill up, the common problems such as virus and bacteria spread will ramp back up. Having a plan that is both effective and straightforward is key. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to enhance your cleaning procedure and provide better protection for your concert visitors and staff, contact us at or

(Federal & independent test results available upon request).

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