About Our Company History

The Paerosol technology originated in the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (“PNNL”) which is managed and operated by Battelle Memorial Institute. PNNL spent many years and millions of dollars researching and testing the efficacy of the technology.

As part of the Federal Lab Commission’s (“FLC”) efforts to commercialize federally owned technology within the private sector, Paerosol obtained the exclusive licensing rights to this disinfecting technology directly from Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Paerosol’s initial mission was to locate a technology that could assist in controlling the Ebola virus both in Africa and in the United States in the event of an outbreak. The executive management team, through its vast network of military and DOD relationships, identified the Paerosol technology at PNNL as a possible solution, where government testing at the Madigan Army Medical Center had shown it to be highly successful in eradicating a variety of molds, bacteria, and viruses.

Paerosol has tested the technology in a wide range of markets including hospitality, academics, healthcare, agriculture, transportation and mold remediation, all of which resulted in a more effective and cost-efficient method of disinfection.

Paerosol is a venture-backed operating company with exclusive worldwide rights to sell and distribute a highly effective Paerosol technology disinfecting platform which kills air- and surface-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses at up to a 99.9999% rate of effectiveness.