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Our management team brings over 100 years of combined business experience in growing, managing and selling companies across a variety of industries. Our unique expertise encompasses hands-on experience and a proven track record of commercializing technology.


We are focused on developing Paerosol technologies that will generate impact for industries on a Global scale.


Backed by patented technologies and scientific research, we’ve rigorously tested and validated the efficacy of our products.


We are reaching Global markets and changing the approach to treating pathogens in the air, on the surface, and underwater.


Air Quality Assurance in Commercial Facilities using Pareosol

Commercial buildings face an unseen challenge, a threat to the health of occupants that is a liability for property managers and a nightmare for business operators. The air we breathe indoors contains mold spores. From the cleanest hospital operating room to a hotel ballroom, these tiny particles are found in almost every indoor environment if...
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Solving Commercial Space Cleaning Challenges

It’s no small task to maintain clean spaces in commercial, medical, and educational settings. The challenge is finding a balance between keeping an office functional and being able to clean when customers, patients, or students are present. Disinfecting is top of mind after the Covid-19 pandemic, so maintaining a hygienic and safe facility is important....
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Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance with Paerosol

For decades doctors and scientists raised the alarm that the overuse of antibiotic drugs would result in drug resistance. The medications we count on will no longer treat dangerous, life-threatening bacteria. Development of new antibiotic drugs capable of killing these “superbugs” is slow to come to market, with only 6 of 27 antibiotics in development...
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Mitigating Mold Indoors and Solutions for Prevention

Mold is a problem that homeowners and property managers alike struggle to identify and mitigate properly. The difficulty of removing mold from indoor spaces, once established, makes it a challenge to remove and prevent in the future.   Where Does Mold Come From?   Molds grow in our environment, inside and outside. These microscopic organisms...
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Alternative Solutions to Antimicrobial Wipes using Paerosol

The ease of using a cleaning product, like an antimicrobial wipe, makes it convenient to take care of common cleaning problems, whether it’s cleaning commonly touched kitchen surfaces, desks at school, or a spill at work. It seems we have substituted most cleaning solutions with the convenience of a pre-treated cloth. The wipes market in...
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Keeping Airline Passengers and Staff Safe from Pathogens with Paerosol

Summer travel in 2023 is likely to be one of the busiest in recent years. Increasing numbers of travelers are planning to hit the skies for awell-earned vacation this year. Delta Airlines reports a record-breaking advance booking for summer travel alone. As Coronavirus restrictions lift worldwide, best practices in disinfecting become even more critical for...
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How to Keep Hotel and Resort Guests Safe from Viruses

Pathogens in Hotels, Motels, and Resorts Hotels, motels, and resorts are hotspots for pathogens to thrive in when not disinfected properly. The most common viruses that guests contract from hotel rooms are diarrhea, vomiting, COVID, and respiratory viruses, such as colds and pneumonia. The COVID-19 pandemic has put cleanliness at the top of many potential...
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Preventing Pathogens in Agriculture & Livestock

Pathogens in Livestock Nearly 60% of human pathogens are zoonotic, meaning they are infections spread between people and animals, and cause an estimated 2.5 billion illnesses and 2.7 million deaths worldwide every year, according to the CDC. In the past 30 years, we have seen deaths from infectious diseases increase nearly 60%. Trading goods around...
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Keeping Your Gym & Fitness Center Free from Pathogens

It’s no secret gyms, fitness centers, and locker rooms are abundant in germs. Disinfecting equipment and practicing good gym hygiene will help you stay healthy. Pathogens in Fitness Centers & Locker Rooms Many people choose to exercise to improve or maintain their health. The abundance of pathogens in gyms can do just the opposite and...
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