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Our management team brings over 100 years of combined business experience in growing, managing and selling companies across a variety of industries. Our unique expertise encompasses hands-on experience and a proven track record of commercializing technology.


We are focused on developing Paerosol technologies that will generate impact for industries on a Global scale.


Backed by patented technologies and scientific research, we’ve rigorously tested and validated the efficacy of our products.


We are reaching Global markets and changing the approach to treating pathogens in the air, on the surface, and underwater.


Tackle the Return of Football Season

More than 16 million fans attend a regular NFL season game in the United States. Due to the pandemic, the attendance during the 2020 NFL season dropped to a whopping 2.37 million. Stadium capacity regulations, state and federal mandates, and elevated levels of cautiousness from fans all contributed to this drop in ticket sales.  ...
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Paerosol Product Feature

Even the cleanest indoor environments are typically sanitized using harsh chemicals that can adversely affect the human body. Many common cleaning products release volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that have been linked to health problems including cancer . While these cleaners may eliminate harmful organisms, they introduce a whole new array of health problems.
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The Second Year of Back-to-School Post-Pandemic

As the globe continues to manage the pandemic, schools and teachers are working with health organizations to prepare for a year of face-to-face learning. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 56.4 million children are enrolled in K-12 education. In 2018, the NCES recorded 3.3 million full-time and part-time public school teachers, 205,600...
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The Importance of Treating Mold In Your Home

Have you ever questioned why it feels like allergies are year-round? While seasonal allergies are a common culprit, many people are surprised to learn that the allergy is related to mold. Ingested mold is not what causes the allergies so many people seem to face. It is the mold that grows in homes and public...
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Concerts are Coming Back

A year without concerts has left fans hungrier than ever to get that rush of adrenaline only a packed concert venue can provide. Large gatherings were one of the first things to go when the pandemic began. Music artists everywhere started sending out apologetic posts to fans as shows got canceled. According to a recent...
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Hotel and Airline Industries Prepare for Post-Pandemic Travel

With the vaccinations against COVID-19 becoming more widely available, restrictions are slowly being lifted and Americans are starting to travel again after a year of pandemic-induced lockdowns. Earlier this month, the CDC has released new travel guidelines that say fully vaccinated travelers (with an FDA-authorized vaccine, which includes Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines...
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Florida Private School Reports 0 Cases of COVID-19 Since Adopting Paerosol’s Dry Spray Technology™

Over 130,000 schools across the country prepare for the cold and flu season each year.  Health and safety concerns are heightened as 55 million and 7 million staff members are simultaneously battling both flu season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With the viruses sharing common symptoms, schools are challenged to find a solution to minimize...
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Perspective and Insights: Working for the C-Level at Paerosol

Image Credit: Jezper / Shutterstock.com Entering the workforce in 2020 has proved to be most challenging for many new college graduates, all fighting for those limited open positions. Fortunately, I secured a position as a business analyst for Paerosol, a leading technology that effectively kills surface and air-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses at up to...
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Next-Generation Disinfecting Technology to Revolutionize the Airline Industry Amidst COVID-19

Image Credit: ronstik / Shutterstock.com The impact of the pandemic continues to be felt by many sectors of the economy as we enter the new year. The airline industry endured a painful 2020 as the pandemic diminished air travel demand by more than 90%. According to GlobalData, a marketing research firm, “no industry has seen...
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