About Our Company

Our History

The NanoPure technology originated in the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (“PNNL”) which is managed and operated by Battelle Memorial Institute. The US Government invested over $20mm in on-going R&D activities pertaining to the NanoPure technology.

As part of the Federal Lab Commission’s (“FLC”) efforts to commercialize federally-owned technology within the private sector, the US Government transferred its NanoPure patents and licensing rights to NanoPure. NanoPure’s initial mission was to locate a technology that could assist in controlling the Ebola virus both in Africa and in the United States in the event of an outbreak. The executive management team, through its vast network of military and DOD relationships, identified the NanoPure technology at PNNL as a possible solution, where government testing and Madigan Army Medical Center had shown it to be highly successful in eradicating a variety of molds, bacteria, and viruses.

NanoPure has spent and additional spent 2.5 years and $7 million in re-engineering and testing the NanoPure technology for commercial use.

NanoPure is a venture-backed operating company that has obtained an exclusive and perpetual worldwide license from the United States Government to sell and distribute NanoPure’s nanotechnology platform which kills air- and surface-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses at up to a 99.9999% rate of effectiveness.

What is NanoBOT

Our NanoBOT Technology

  • NanoBOT is a patented nano-bubble and gas infusion technology, which is 100% natural and uses no chemicals.
  • NanoBOT uses nano-bubbles to infuse oxygen and ozone into the water, which creates huge volumes of hydroxyl radicals, a powerful disinfectant capable of destroying any bacteria, toxins, and micro-organisms in the water.
  • NanoBOT only leaves oxygen in the water, so water does not change chemically

Industries We Serve

NanoPure has been proven in a wide variety of commercial trials and has been successfully tested by many leading research institutions including DOE, PNNL,Battelle Memorial Institute, Auburn University, University of South Carolina and the USDA.

Hospitals & Medical Clinics

NanoPure has worked directly with Madigan Army Hospital to test and measure the efficacy of our solutions.

Agriculture & Livestock

Food borne illnesses can stem from mold, pathogens, and viruses at the source of food production. We have worked with Tyson Foods, Smithfield Farms, Auburn University, and Mississippe State, as well as the USDA.


NanoPure works with SPM Resorts and Embassy Suites. Our solutions work to improve airborne and surface based pathogens, viruses, and mold.

Residential & Commercial

NanoPure has completed over 20 mold and remediation jobs including the North Charleston Coliseum.


NanoPure aligns with academic institutions to eradicate mold, viruses, and pathogens that can effect populations of students. We have aligned with the USC School of Public Health to introduce our solution to the campus.

Health & Fitness

NanoPure has tested our solutions at government campuses including the Locker Rooms and training facilities at the Citadel.

Interested in Nanotechnology solutions?

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